Monday, July 26, 2004

My Attraction Quotient?

been picked up from the BT page 6

for all geminites: Their undecided thinkers. They can intellectualise and fabricate great fantasies but generally lack the vigour to follow it up.

i am?
i can?
did i?
i do?
i dont?
i what?
i when?
i what again?????

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Is it a sin, to love again
I cannot win this pain's not fair
And yes I climbed the highest mountain
And yes I painted you a pretty sky
Now you say its over
Forgot to tell you I am sorry
Never had the time to lie
Now its like a sad old story
Why do lovers always cry
I never had the time to worry
Never had the time to try
Now you say its over
Is it a sin, to love again
You broke me in
This won't repair
And yes I fell for you so madly deeply
And yes I want to hold you by my side
Now you say its over
Forgot to tell...
And yes I want to tell you I am angry
And yes I need to look you in the eye
Now you say its over
Forgot to tell... 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

As I look into your eyes I see the sunrise
The light behind your face helps me realise
Will we sleep and sometimes love until the moon shines
Maybe the next time I'll be yours and maybe you'll be mine
I don't know if it's even in your mind at all
It could be me
At this moment in time
Is it in your mind at all
It should be me, it could be me
Wandering through life will love come home to you
And the love you want forever, will they be true to you
At this moment in time
Love's indescribable
It should be me, it could be me
Easy, ready, willing, over time
Where does it stop where do you dare me to draw the line
You've got the body now you want my soul
Don't even think about it say no go 

Monday, July 12, 2004

Laws of Attraction...??

shameless enough and yet i did it once again. bunked my tuts and ran off to watch laws of attraction. and i also learned a few "laws" myself. i ill start yapping of by describin these two "bastards". well so i was on my usual boy-watching spree
and there was this one feller, with a blue tee with yellow checks, and this other feller with a blue tee which had black sleeves. and it so happened that the feller(blue tee with yellow checks) happened to kick butt and the other sucked!
so while i was busy yapping about the blue hunk to my pals (unfortunatly forgot to specify which blue "hunk", the yummy or the yucky)it so happened that the yucky happned to overhear me yapping about some blue "hunk" and the dog thought i was yapping aout him and well all bloody red in face and oooohhhh forget it. ill rest my case.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

REV 22:20 (Ladies Version)

Don't be aroused by my confession unless you don't give a good goddamn about redemption. I know Christ is coming and so am I. You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye, he'll suck you dry...Soon you'll cry to be back in his bosom to do it again. He'll make you weep and moan and cry to be back in his bosom to do it again...

Pray? Shall I go blind? Pray? Cos nobody ever survives!
Praying to stay in your arms just until I can die a little longer
Saviors and saints, devils and demons alike. He'll eat you alive!

Jesus is risen it's no surprise even he would martyr his momma to ride to hell between those thighs... The pressure is building at the base of my spine. If I gotta sin to see him again then I'm gonna lie and lie and lie. He'll make you cry! I'll sell my soul to be back in your bosom and gladly help. Please suck me dry and still you'll cry to be back in his bosom! Do it again!

My pulse has been rising, my temples are burning, the pressure is so overwhelming and building. So steady and heavy I'm ready to blow. He waits, what is He waiting for?