Friday, May 21, 2004

Bored today

well todays news is good. results arnt tomorrow, they're on the 23rd. heck but then im supposed to be scared right? somethings gone wrong with me i think. why the heck am i not scared? even manav isnt scared. heck poor bunny....., hes like petrified! anyway. i met dhwani and jyotika at the juhu ccd today. damn jyotika's like changed so much with that new hair-do. she got them cut DAMN short. and dhwani got rid of her spex... lenses and all. she looked wicked man... you know the "sexy-wicked" kind with the up-cut eye brows and all!
well then i met manav later in the evening. he'd come from a movie. scary movie 3. which i was suppoed to have supposedly watched few days ago. lol! bet you theres no one who can fib better than me!


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