Thursday, May 20, 2004

For God & the Angels

Dear God,
if yr there, please hear me out. this is me talking to you

well God, i dont know if your really there or not. i dont know if your real or just fiction. i dont know where you exist if you exist. but many people believ in you. i dont know why they believe in you. i dont know why i believe in you when i always have this feeling that you dont exist "here". its kind of complicating to explain by typing. ive never really felt that you were "there". but people tole me that if i believe in you, then you'll believe in me and make my every wish come true. ive never believed in miracles. probably because ive never seen or experienced one. but i dunno why i keep preaching about the same. ok there i go complicating things again. but yr "God", so you'll understand.... right? ive seen so many things since 7th. they've been good and bad. but then again at that time i had only seen thigns. in 11th, you just made me feel those things. and experience was a lot. i learned a lot.
you know God, if your really there, i just wanna say thanks. ive learned a lot. i learned to love, to care, to share... and to do so many more things. most of all ive learned to live and not just merely exist. but then theres still so much more to go thru right? and deep down i knwo that ill live by and thru it. gnite !!


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