Thursday, May 20, 2004

I found my 12th grade marksheets

well come to think of it ive come a long way.... everythings like changed sooooo much since 10th grade man. but then what the heck? its supposedly supposed to be for the best right? isnt that what everyone says anyway?
well the old days were fun! lots of fun...
well now im back from dubai (not to mention i dont wanna ever go back there again). was unpacking and all today and guess what i found.... my 12th grade exam answer sheets : 15/50 in english, 21/70 in physics, 9/70 in chem, 23/70 in bio. dint find the math paper (who cares bout it anyway) im gona be postin all these marksheets up... ive never been prouder of failing in english...! shit thats a bloody miracle. till today i really dont know how i managed that. i just didnt feel like writing the paper!


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