Sunday, May 23, 2004


well it would be stupid to start cursing anyone (or even God) when you know yr damned board results. ok so i flunked in math. so i shouldnt curse God. in fact i should be greatful coz i dont hav to repeat a year like some others who flunked in 2 subjects. maybe it was their fate? maybe it was my fate too? but their fate was just a little more twisted. anyway i hope that everything goes well for them. and for everyone else too. i got an 84% in english, 50% in chem, 53% in phy and 55% in bio, and a 25% in math. and thats pretty swell (all exepting the math) coz the way i studied for my boards (last minute).. it was all so..damn fast!!!
like i always say, i was born intellegent but education runied me! screwed me rather


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