Saturday, May 22, 2004

What or who is really God?

Dear God,
if yr there, please hear me out. this is me talking to you

well actually this post is meant only for God to read. so God if your there please hear me out. i just wanna say thankyou for all that you've done for me. i dunno what all you've done coz you've probably done a lot anyway (ie if you really exist... or whoever you really are, whatever you really are)
actually i wanted to ask you why you like being "closed" up. it kinda confuses us humans about who or what you really are. but then i suppose you like making things complicating and un-understandable to us. you know i had this friend who claimed he could see the dead and their spirits. he said he could communicate with them and gain a lot of knowledge from them. so one day i asked him about you. he told me that when he asked the spirits about you, they showed him a "rock" in his vision. he said that he never really understood why they showed him that rock. and he dosnt know if that rock was you. you know people pray to you in many forms. i dunno why but sometimes i have this feeling that yr actually human. just like us, but 9000 years ahead. probably just my fictionary imagination again. so then im back to square one. i dont really know who are or what you are or where yr from and what you do.


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