Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wierd situation

well so manisha's mum's the one with all the contacts. lets see if that works. and if it dosnt then what the heck? maybe losing a year wont seem that bad as it sounds.... i mean it is but then we'll all be in the same class.gah! its too complicated. but im gonna make sure that we're all gonna be in the same class. but thats if manisha's mum cant help out.

so i went to dhruv(ims) today. lets see how they can help. im kinda prepared to lose a year anyhow. lets see. me, manav, kartik anand, and i forgot the names of the others who flunked.
damn i seem to be taking my failure a bit too casually i think. i mean when niddhi got an 82% in the 10th, she was crying like as though she'd just been raped or sumthin... she was crying soooooo badly man. eventually she landed up doin commerce.

well so much for her. heck im the one whose supposed to be crying....!!!


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