Wednesday, June 02, 2004

HSC results

well then the hsc results caome out today.
ashish got a 67%
anuj got a 71%
bunny got a 68%
chirag kinda screwed up totally in 3 subjects(38%)
his babe divya got a 62% (i dont exacly remember)
his cousin nikhil did pretty well though (forgot his marks)
and nikhils babe malvika (ex-icse student) got a 65%
and then i banged into neeta when she was going to get her marks.
and then i havnt heard from bharti and sagar about thier marks.
asif's also totally screwed up. at least he thought he did but i dont know his marks then.
arshad told me amrita's marks but i kinda forgot them.
and yeah! today is arshad's b'day. its also ankit maroo's b'day
and what all did i do today? wake up at 8 and sit down to do math for 2hrs and then got ready and ran outta the house. went straight to bandra. collectd the bmm forms for rajni and then accompanied gurpanna and nikhil and alok to mitibai... then alok and gurpanna ran home and nikhil and me went back to bandra. nikhil went off to pi and i was waitin @ subway to meet chirag when he told me his disastourous news. and then we went to jatc where we met nikhil(his cousin) and malvika and divya. it was my 2nd time meeting both the girls. and then was supposed to meet bunny too but i decided that it would be "healthy" if i didnt. so i told him that i wasnt in bandra and that i was at the andheri mac. oh man talk about lying. thats like the first time ive lied to him. but i think its for the better in a way


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