Monday, June 07, 2004

Hum Tum

dats the movie i saw last night. and funny enough i didnt ask anyone to translate it for me. jeez sometimes i wonder how i watched it anyhow. unlike mals's case there was no "bastard" (read stupid mal's yet again dated on the 5th of june) sitting behing me. damn and i was getting bored. coz at least if there was a "bastard" sitting behind me i could have done some tp. probably asked for his #. but then damn my luck. lol!!! ive lost it again!
anyhow and the movie went on with the usual "the almost (not-at-all)desperate guy in his efforts to woo d babes" guess its another pic thats inspired me apart from city of angels(suggested by that ****) and a few songs.... well not a few, a lot.
and apparently one of the tum's has an accent now. reported by whizkid. gawd talk about people changing now. been wonderin whats been up with ryan and his "tum"............


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