Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Stupid Mal's

ok so this it what mals writes about me in her blog. i mean how childish can she get (i know yr reading this mals but yr childish anyhow)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
stupid rebecca...
I was having a conversation with my friend (enemy???) rebecca (msn messenger) and thanks to her, I've started to (temporarily) think and remember stuff....drain bramage!!...brain damage...whatever.....(I usually don't think so much)....she thinks I'm going to do whatever she says ....perhaps she hasn't realised that I'm not her paid slave or anyone's slave for that matter....I'm not going to, in any way do "" or whatever she wants me to do (to give her company)....I've made a decision to do either:
1) nothing at all
2) become a mass murderer
3) somehow morph into a vampire or werewolf
4) aid lucifer (bless the devil!)
5) destroy the world
6) if none of the above are possible (or if I'm bored) I shall be
an artist,author or both.
These vocations are chosen on the basis of what I am capable of doing (which is..ummm...very insignificant)...I'd prefer the first and the last one but since I believe in destiny, life shall take its own course. But whatever the case, I am most certainly going to watch the Harry Potter movie... and if possible, Van Helsing too.

P.S.: Rebecca, I still stand by what I had said earlier about
that sms.It really is very "mommy-ish"....

so thats whats mals wrote about me. i put my heart and soul into figuring out what kinda msg i was gonna msg *** about on his birthday.... it took me like 1 whole week to figure out what to send him and stupid mals thinks its "mommy-ish"
mals yr an idiot! lol!


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