Friday, June 04, 2004

Why im the "bad boy slayer"

i think i should have actually changed my title name. it should be rather something like "BECCY THE BAD BOY SLAPPER" coz i anyway cant slay guys. but i got an amazing record of slapping them. we can start of with mr k.surapaneni who i slapped twice in cirs and i forgot why. and i slapped dat ass oneek and that chut hursh. pretty neat huh? i got crazy guts i suppose. and im only 16 years old! lol! im so proud of me.

i wanna round off my slapping list to 5 by adding bunny to it too. he broke my sharky keychain. and hes so shameless enough to blame the maid for it. hmph. but then i cant slap him man.... hes not a bad guy. hes chooooooo chweet...!! that maid of his only must have broken it. lol! chowwie bunn..


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