Monday, June 07, 2004


i dont get these guys man. one day they say that they like you. and the next day they say that they love you. and yet again the next day they say that they dont have time to meet you. whose gonna understand them? they just zap us into that stupid trance of theirs and then woo us like this and then woo us like that... probably expecting that we'll fall in love with them more that we aldredy are(if we are... not unless we really are) and one day they'll finally decide that we suck (the BASTARDS). gawd who needs guys anyway? why did god create them anyhow? to confuse the insane ones like me even more than we aldredy are? i think i need prayers and here god's thinkin of screwing me emotionally? what the heck? bahhh...!!! wont suceed this time...!! gakkkkk!!


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